Granite Counters

Selecting a stone is a very personal process. No two slabs or environments are identical. Color, grain, surroundings, function and more need to be taken into account. It’s important that you have someone on your side when choosing and installing your counters.

We do all we can to make sure you know everything you need to and are comfortable and excited with your new counters. Our prices are competitive and comparable with wholesale rates, with the added bonus of professional advice, installation and greater attention to detail. Your ultimate satisfaction is very important to us.

Stones and slabs

Browse the gallery of granite slabs we have available. This list is by no means the limit of what is available, so feel free to ask for more options at the showroom.

The process

At our showroom we can help you to select the products that will best satisfy your specific practical and aesthetic requirements. We have a large selection of remnants to chose from and work with several local whole sellers for full size slabs. Through the process you chose the perfect slab for your home. You can even go down to any of our local distributors and chose the specific piece for your project.

After you have decided on the stone that suits you best, we will visit your home or business to take measurements, ensuring the best attention to detail and quality control. Our hands-on approach ensures that we cater for your specific needs.

We fabricate your granite, quartz and other stone products on site. To assist in cutting stone perfectly, templates are first made from hardboard. Then the slabs you chose are fabricated. Our office team will personally monitor your order from beginning to end.

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